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This sounds like so much fun. Would you submit it to Unschooling Voices? It's perfect for the December topic!
Here is the link:


My art teacher just decided to make my whole highschool class write an essay on the history of paper marbling because the solution he bought was pretty much poopy. got any advice on what kind of marbling equiptment to use? cause ours stunk.

Kami Wilt

I'm so excited about this technique!! I have searched for an easier way to do marbling without using turpentine and oil paints... something safer for kids. I am so thrilled to have found this on your blog. Thanks so much for sharing.

by the way, I've been going to Camp Sherman for the last 35 years! Now live in Austin, TX.


This is inspirational. I'm an older artist looking for techniques-this starch technique seems the simplest yet the paint is permanent-thanks for the tips!


you can use shaving cream and watercolor paints in much the same way for beautiful prints. Put a thin layer of shaving cream down in a shallow tray (or right on the table!) add a few drops of watercolors and swirl them around with a skewer or fork. When "ready" kids put paper (cardstock worked better than regular white printer paper) on top and tap it down gently all over. It was recommended to use a scraper of some kind to get the shaving cream off but we found using paper towels or beach towels worked better as long as kids wipe the shaving cream off gently. (the paint will stay no matter what but paper will rip with too much force)

I did this with a big group of preschool (3-5 year olds) and it was a wild success, they took turns on trays and helped each other with pulling the prints and wiping them off.

you can use the same shaving cream again and add more paint until the colors get too muddy.


Where can I buy the starch for this marbling project? I will be preparing this for about 400 children at a Festival we will be having in chicago
Can I make my own starch or where can I boy it? All I can find is in the can (spray)
Thanks for your wonderful ideas, nice pictures too. and you can email me at [email protected]
Please respond quickly if you can I only have 8 days.

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